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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Impressions: Donut Boyz (West End + Petrie Terrace)

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It's really been the year of the doughnut in Brisbane with several new vendors popping up offering hand crafted goodies all with different and in some cases unique toppings.

Unfortunately for me my experiences with some of the other franchises hasn't been that positive with large doughnuts being basically just that dough in the shape of a nut and not much else going on.

The newest player on the doughnut field is Donut Boyz from the minds behind Hello Harry on the Sunshine Coast which for me has the best tasting beef burgers I've had to date.

Fortunately for me and everyone else in Brisbane, they are also making some of the best Doughnuts going around with some of the most unique flavours and to top it off they are priced fairly.

The first store was opened on the Sunshine Coast at the Big Top but there is now a store in Mooloolaba as well as two in Brisbane at West End and Petrie Terrace.

We visited the West End store recently, well if you can call a shipping container outside Boundary Street Markets a store but it is open 7 days a week!

We picked up 2 doughnuts, chocolate filled and lemon meringue along with a blueberry filled cronut.
The pick for me is the lemon meringue which is odd because I don't like meringue on it's own but it's really soft having only been blow torched not baked and the doughnut is filled with a perfectly made lemon curd that tastes incredible.

It cost $15 for 3 doughnuts which may sound like a bit but it would cost you $20 for 2 doughnuts and a cronut from one of the other places in Brisbane.

If you like doughnuts you should check it out, I know I'll be back!

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