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Sunday, June 1, 2014

My love for Eggs :)

I really didn't feel the need for a catchy title here, this post is all about eggs and just how useful they are in making many meals amazing.

I cook a lot with eggs, especially for breakfast and they never fail to impress wether paired with something or enjoyed simply poached, boiled or fried.

I have recently been playing around with the idea of "fry-steaming" eggs and using this method to make a few different meals.

It's not a new technique, for me it comes from watching American barbecue chefs cook on a flat grill. You are essentially frying the bottom of your egg whilst you cover the top with a lid or similar.

Omelette, steamed egg and mushies!
I find it works better if i add a little water to the pan just as i put the lid on.

This way of cooking should give you eggs with a runny yolk and a crispy bottom.

My latest experiment with this technique has been to make a small omelette, add filling then crack an egg on top and then steam. Works great in a small pan but can easily transfer to a big pan for bigger portions but does take more work to get the omelette out without breaking it or the egg(s) on top!

Baked Eggs w/herbs
Another great way of enjoying eggs for breakfast is to bake them, this all in one method is fantastic for a quick breakfast especially when you have a hangover! Use a filling like baked beans and crack some eggs over the top then bake or just bake the eggs by themselves.

That is probably enough rambling about eggs, clearly I love them and clearly they make my weekend breakfasts totally awesome and delicious! So with that said enjoy a couple more photos of "eggcelent" breakfasts I have made.

Spam 'n Egg Hash
Steam-fried Egg, Okra & Bacon