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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Impressions: PawPaw @ Wollongabba

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I often drag my girlfriend along to all the craft beer places I go and although a lot of the time it's to eat delicious food as well, my motives are usually to have a couple of beers with lunch. So it makes sense that I should go somewhere she wants to go right?

This is case with PawPaw in Wollongabba but it's not like she had to drag me kicking and screaming to a place that serves relatively healthy fare because it's honestly pretty darn tasty!

We've been once before for Cocowhip which is super popular because it's basically healthy 'ice-cream' as it's made from coconut water and a coco probiotic, kinda like a frozen coconut yoghurt.

But more recently we returned for lunch in which I didn't stray too far from my norm, ordering a braised beef cheese burger and the gf ordered the Avocado Plate with eggs which she enjoyed!

My burger was impressive looking with chunks of beef falling out and plenty of sauce and mustard and a big chunk of tomato which worked surprisngly well to carry the flavour of everything.

The chips were awesome, who doesn't love huge chunky chips? Would have preferred aioli over tomato sauce but it was all still delicious!

PawPaw is a decent spot and now that they've taken over a bigger space in the same complex there is a bit more room but it still gets super busy at peak times and can be a bit warm inside but it's a like-able place to go for a decently healthy feed.

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