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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fitz + Potts @ Nundah - It's a bar and it's open this Saturday!

For those local to Brisbane's North Side it should be no surprise that there hasn't really been any half way decent craft bars around but that will change this Saturday as Fitz + Potts finally opens!

First time bar owners Brett Fitzpatrick and Cass Potts have worked tirelessly (as well as their volunteers) over the past couple of months renovating the space and getting it ready for opening day.

I couldn't be more excited for them as they are both amazing people and am excited myself to have a craft bar in Nundah for a change!

With an open air astro-turfed balcony, a large bar area and several kitsch themed rooms to hang out in as well as a beer, wine and spirit list that features all Australian products it's sure to kick off with a bang!

Food will also feature local and Australian produce with meat and cheese platters, jaffles and plenty of veggie options too.

So even if you had something booked for Saturday afternoon, cancel it and get your ass to mars and by mars I mean Nundah and by Nundah I mean Fitz + Potts for the 3pm opening!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Newstead to Become Neighbours With A Lion?

In their couple of years of trading Newstead Brewing Co. have become a staple in the Brisbane craft beer and bar scene with an excellent home venue, great food and of course a solid and enjoyable core range of brews (and even a cider!).

In an effort to continuing meeting the hefty demand for their beer Newstead made the decision last year to contract brew out of Sydney with BrewPack. This was taken somewhat controversially by a lot of people in the beer community especially those that would be considered to be in the 'hardcore' end of the beer geek pool.

Whether you liked the contract brewing decision or not it was a smart business decision that has led to Newstead's beer going state and nationwide in stores like Coles owned 1st Choice Liquor.

It makes sense that if you put your roots down in Queensland you would eventually like to bring all of your business back to Queensland as it creates jobs and boosts the local economy so it's a logical leap that Newstead are now looking to expand operations locally to meet the increased demand.

Image owned by Quest
A proposal is currently lodged with Brisbane City Council that could see what would potentially become Brisbane's largest Queensland owned Brewery move into Milton.

The move to Castlemaine St which is just down the road from the monolithic and foreign owned juggernaut that is XXXX could be seen as a challenger entering the Lion's den or just as an opportunity to expand.

The new venue would encompass a 2300 square metre space with offices, a large brewery and bar, all just a bees dick from Suncorp Stadium making it potentially the closest venue for sports fans to get a tipple.

The idea has been brewing for awhile and whilst it has not passed council yet it has has recently been brought to light publicly by way of an article in a Quest Community Paper.

I'm sure like the decision to contract brew, the idea of a new, large local brewery and bar will create some controversy and discussion.

Personally I feel it's a good thing to create jobs and inject cash into QLD and is just another sign that good beer, made locally is in demand and the growth of the Australian beer industry continues.

Friday, October 16, 2015

First Impressions: Micasa Food Truck @ Various Locations

Micasa Food Truck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
I don't often post about food trucks but there is quite a large amount of them around Brisbane now and each one offers it's own little twist on it's chosen cuisine of choice.

You would be forgiven for seeing the Micasa menu and assuming it's just another burger joint but it's all about the finesse and the flavour with this welcome edition to Brisbane's fleet of food trucks!

Micasa mixes and marries American and Mexican street food into some epic burgers and tasty handcut fries.

Burgers range from a standard cheese burger to The American which is beautiful creation consisting of lettuce, tomato, burger patty, American cheddar, chorizo, bacon and an onion ring with a tasty BBQ sauce.

They also do some fairly delicious handcut fries but it doesn't stop there as you can get cheese added to the fries or even a loaded fries with bacon, cheese and other goodness!

The American was the obvious (burger) choice for my first Micasa experience and didn't disappoint, it's just the perfect mix of flavours in a satisfying all in one meal.

Jump over to the Micasa facebook page and check out where they'll be next and pay them a visit as I can all but guarantee you a visit to flavour town if you are a burger fan!

Brew Master's @ Grange

Brew Masters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Live on Brisbane's Northside? Craving a satisfying and generous Burger? If your answer to either of these questions is Yes! then read on as we delve into the tasty, somewhat hidden spot that is Brew Master's at Grange.

I say Brew Master's is hidden because it's not really in a big shopping complex or anything like that, it's down a fairly standard road in Grange and if you weren't looking for it you may drive past assuming it was just another coffee shop.

I can tell you that's not the case as this North Side gem is hiding some of the biggest, tastiest and well priced burgers going around Brisbane.

The BM menu consists of breakfast favourites like bacon & eggs, waffles, croque madame or a simple avocado and haloumi toast, all served until 11am and then the lunch fair ranges from chicken wings and salt and pepper squid to grilled fish, house-made falafel and of course giant and delicious burgers!

The burger options are actually quite interesting, in a world where the American style cheeseburger has become a staple it is oddly absent from the menu but this isn't a bad thing as there is plenty of other delicious options.

On our first visit I went with the Beef  & Blue cheese burger which was not only packed with blue cheese flavour, juicy and slightly pink beef but also had an amazing caramelised onion relish which really set the burger off due to the sweetness in the onions complimenting the richness of the beef and blue cheese.

On our second visit I chose the monstrous Double Beef & Bacon and there is no kidding around here, this thing is huge like almost unfinishable huge.

Two thick beef patties with cheddar melted over them, bacon, lettuce, tomato and a tasty BBQ sauce make up this beast!

It's so big that I opted to take a patty off and eat it with a few chips and a fork so I could get my mouth around the rest of the burger, it really is big enough for two with or without a side of fries!

If you live around the Grange/New Market area it would be very easy to make Brew Master's your new local burger shop although the coffee, breakfast and even a cold Burleigh Brewing Pale Ale make it worth a visit.