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Friday, May 2, 2014

Feral Offcuts @ Brewski

Some pre-event brews!
Having recently shown interest in the launch of Feral's Watermelon Warhead sour beer I had heard that a keg was making the journey from the Swan Valley to Brisbane. I however did not expect an entire event dedicated to Feral and it's special release beers to make it to Brisbane but it did and has delivered a very enjoyable Thursday evening.

Feral Offcut's was hosted by the guys and gals at the excellent Brewski along with BeerMatt's Matt Kirkegaard.

Featuring four unique beers in Barrique Okarma (Black IPA), Barrel Aged Hop Hog (IPA), Hopfen Fahrt (German IPA) and Watermelon Warhead (Sour).

Tasting paddles in hand we made our way to the bar and received our generously sized samples. After making our way back Matt Kirkegaard walked us through the beers providing his unique insight along with some great background on Feral and these unique beers.

Collecting tasting paddles!
I attended for the Warhead but I fell in love with the Hopfen Fahrt IPA which uses all new world hop varieties grown in Germany. The Hopfen can only be described as a flavour bomb as you are instantly hit with a big fruity/hoppy punch with smooth bitter finish. I can only hope that Feral bottle this at some point so I can get my hands on more of it!

The Barrel Aged Hop Hog had some great woody flavour which changed what many consider to be Australia's best IPA style beer quite dramatically. Barrique Okarma which I have had bottled, is as you'd imagine even better off-tap. So much so that I enjoyed a large glass of it later in the night with it's unique smokey, fruity flavour.

The Watermelon Warhead is absolutely one of the best sour beers I have tried and really does hark back to childhood days of sour lollies and the inevitable screwed up face that came with eating them. Our table was divided on wether the Warhead was something they enjoyed but we did agree that it is something unique and worth trying.

Brewski's chef created a pulled pork pizza for the event which was dubbed "Will Feral" with a great thin base, tasty sauce and a good amount of pork and cheese. I unfortunately was so distracted by the conversation (and beer) that I failed to take a good photo of the pizza but I can assure you it looked as delicious as it tasted.

There was a good atmosphere with 24 people sitting together on Brewski's recently updated balcony area conversing and enjoying the food and beer. There seemed to be a good mix of beer nerds as well as some people that weren't that familiar with feral or its brews.

A big thank you to Brewski for organizing the event, Matt Kirkegaard for hosting and Daniel from Calibre Craft for supplying the beer! Looking forward to future events as both at Brewski and around Brisbane as our Craft scene continues to grow!