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Why RPM?
Well it has nothing to do with cars, I can honestly say I can barely change the oil without pouring oil into the wiper fluid.

It is in fact my initials which is pretty cool I think? Although in hindsight I could have named the blog something more creative but yolo or something right? (before you decide to close your browser I really don't like the term yolo in the slightest, not even a bees dick)

Why Beer?
My love for beer started when I was around 22 and I lived in the valley, walking distance from the original location of The Wine Emporium which at the time (unbeknownst to my drunken 20's) was the beginning of a blossoming relationship with beer that really opened my eyes and cemented for me that there was more out there than just XXXX bitter.

I'm on a journey to try as many unique beers as possible and love trying new ones especially seasonal beers from established breweries, but my favourite style is IPA (Indian Pale Ale).

Why Food?
Easy question, long answer. 
I knew at an early age that I was heavily interested in food doing things like pretending to cook at 5 years old in the kitchen whilst my mother cooked dinner. I then went on to high school where I was better than most of the girls at home economics class and even got to do a pikelet cooking demonstration at Kawana shopping town when I was 14 or so.

I had every intention at that age to be a chef but deviated into the world of computers, but I never stopped cooking and have cooked on and off since then.

I learnt most of what I know from my mother, jamie oliver and having the ability to retain a metric shit tonne of random information often about absolutely nothing.

Just don't ask me to bake, measuring ingredients? you what?

TLDR? I love food, I love cooking and I love beer and am on a journey to try as many as possible!

Whats with the Random?

Well I'm not convinced it has crept into my writing yet but I am a fairly balls out individual who almost always says what's on his mind and often say or do strange or odd ball things.

But I've also seen, been involved with or witnessed some strange stuff, weird and random seems to follow me so that's why the random.

I think more of my weird and silly personality is starting to come out in my writing and whilst I haven't written anything specifically to be "random" it might come one day, maybe a story about the life cycle of ants..

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