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Monday, July 20, 2015

First Impressions: Taps @ The Valley

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Taps isn't a new concept for Queensland and the Mooloolaba venue has been going strong for a few years now but we are finally graced with the idea in Brisbane, smack bang in the middle of the Valley mall!

If you are unfamiliar with the concept though, it's pretty simple! Taps is a venue where you pour your own beer from a solid selection of craft taps at both a wall and at each individual indoor table.
What this means is at anyone time there might be anywhere from 10-20+ brews on offer and you can go from table to table and pour from the taps if you wish to try something different each time or simply stick to your favorite.

But how does this work, it's not just a free for all right? Correct, that would be insane and totally not responsible.. (but kind of fun..). You are required to purchase a token that you touch to the taps to pour which measures your pour and tells you how much you have left on your token.

You can purchase up to around $50 at a time and then have to return to the bar to get more if you aren't done by that point! You can also take the token home with you until the next you come back, its all part of the $5 token price, so even if you leave money on it you can use it next time.

The couple of times I've been at Taps since it opened they have had a good selection of Australian beer from Holgate to Six String as well as some local Brisbane breweries (which is great!), along with a couple of American beers too.

The food consists of pub grub and share food like sliders, calamari, chips and other perfectly matched beer food including one of my favourite things, Fried Mozzarella sticks which are just delicious and go great with an IPA!

Taps is a solid addition to the craft scene on the mall side of the valley and hopefully they can have some rare craft on and not just some mainstream stuff but it's a far cry from the pubs full of macro lager that existed in the valley even just a few years ago.

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