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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Burrow @ West End

The Burrow on Urbanspoon
After hearing nothing but good things about The Burrow I figured it was time to finally make an effort to visit West End and check it out!

After opening the door we were instantly greeted by 2 very friendly staff who let us sit anywhere we liked.

Being a cool but sunny winters day we decided to sit out side in the lane way. Graffiti on the walls and picnic tables to sit at, the atmosphere was great and I could see myself comfortably enjoying lunch, a few relaxed beverages or even a lazy Sunday Brunch sitting here.

We received excellent table service being brought menus and water shortly after sitting down, however it was a quiet weekday at 1pm.

The Bill Murray w/ bacon, beetroot and fried egg
My friends both ordered pizzas and I ordered "The Bill Murray" Burger which is a Wagyu cheese burger jarlsberg cheese, pickle relish, ketchup & "super-dooper" special sauce and I added Bacon, Egg and Beetroot.      
After about 20 minutes our meals arrived, well sized and looking delicious! My burger was juicy and tender with smokey bacon and a great sauce but the standout was the beetroot with its chunky pieces it was a refreshing change to standard canned beetroot you usually get on a burger.

The side of curly fries were golden and crispy and added up to a well sized meal and good value at $16 for the burger and $6 for the extra sides.

The pizza's were tasty too with some funny and interesting names like the "Cluck Norris" and great value too at $10-15.

But what about the beer? Well will with 4 rotating taps including a list of upcoming beers and a few pages of excellent bottled choices The Burrow fits in perfectly other craft beer bars around Brisbane.

The Bill Murray burger is enough to bring me back but I will also be trying the breakfast menu at some point as it looks equally awesome!