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Monday, March 30, 2015

Brewsvegas 2015 - Re-cap and After Thoughts

Well after a launch party and a solid 8 days of events the second Brewsvegas has come to an end,it's safe to say that it was largely successful both in being bigger than last year and in having even more interesting events to attend.

I attended events on 5 of the 8 days (including the launch party) and have learnt a valuable lesson that you really can bite off more than you can chew and that if you want to attends events every day you need to pull a Cinderella act to get enough sleep and be sober enough to enjoy the next day.

That said, everything I did was well worth it so here is a list of my other posts..

Saturday 21st:
Launch Party

Sunday 22nd: 
Beerkary @ Hoo Ha Bar
Wicked Witch and Groove in the Brew @ BBco. 
Big Bold Bizarre Bacchus @ The Burrow

Tuesday 24th:
Barrel of Laughs @ Newstead Brewing Co.
Fromage with Fortitude @ Tippler's Tap

Wednesday 25th:
Pint of Origin @ Newstead

Thursday 26th:
4 Pines Bastards @ Bitter Suite
Well Tapped @ Tomahawk

Friday 27th:
Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves @ Newstead
Holgate Mystery Beer Hunt @ SuperWhatNot

Overall I am very happy having attended as much as I did and whilst it seemed weird taking a week off work to attend a week of craft beer events it was totally needed, the extra rest makes all the difference.

Look from what I attended there isn't a lot that needs to change but I'm already sure that the Brewsvegas Team have learnt again this year and will improve things again next year but I will talk about one thing.

The Launch Party.. It was fantastic to have $5 beers and food trucks but thanks in large part to social media it was not a real pleasant event just due to the small venue and massive turn out and whilst a big turn out is a positive the position of the beer lines and entrances meant trying to get out or get food was a mission in it self but in essence this was the first time they had done a party like this so it too will improve next year.

I would say don't get rid of the $5 local beers, it was a good start to the week and helped to get non-craft drinkers involved or people to try beer they wouldn't normally, just get a bigger venue with more seating.

The only other thing I'll mention is an event is ticketed try to have the tickets and venue staff ready and knowledgeable before people buy tickets because an average person might only try once to get tickets, having to try 2 or 3 times is only for the persistent.

In most cases it was the first year for a lot of these events so natural improvements of them for next year are expected.

Final Thoughts:
To all of those involved in organising Brewsvegas, all those staff that worked during the week and all the brewers, breweries and rep's involved.

And to all the people I met, a lot of you for the first time, you were all friendly and happy to have a beer and talk about the festivities and that made it that much better to be part of Brisbane's great craft beer community.

You all did a great job and made for a very enjoyable week that didn't really have any serious under tones, people were able to attend events and for the most part enjoy themselves and have fun and laugh and this is an important part of it.

Again, to everyone involved.
Thank you

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  1. nice summary. I've been eagerly reading through your various posts and enjoying your writing. starting my own blog soon. maybe we can catch up for a craft beer one day and compare notes.