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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Brewsvegas 2015 - Day 6 - Gypsie Tramps & Thieves @ Newstead Brewing Co. & Holgate Mystery Beer Hunt @ Super Whatnot

Now that I'm no longer feeling like just laying on a cold tiled surface I can write about last night's events and there was some fun to be had, so read on!

Gypsies Tramps & Thieves @ Newstead

Back at Newstead for the 4th time in a row and it's starting to feel like a second home and is almost solely responsible for the over 50 unique beers I've poured down my gullet this week and Friday was no different as I sampled 5 of the gypsy brews on offer!

But wait, what is a gypsy brewer? good question. Essentially there are some very lovely and very talented brewers out there that don't have their own commercial facility to brew at so they pimp themselves out to those that do so that we can enjoy the end product in a licensed venue.
image by Newstead Brewing Co.
Gypsie Brewers and Beers on tap..
Croft Brewing - Biscuit Blast Brown Ale & Wet Hop Harvest Ale
Black Hops - ABC Black IPA
Beans Brew (?that decal..) - Saison
Duck & Cover - Secret Galaxy APA
Brewtal - West Coast Thrash IPA
Toybox - Belgian Blonde

a little afternoon paddle
Black Hops - Black IPA was one of my favourites of this lot with a very peppery finish and great stone fruit aroma resulting in a solid BIPA, but there was enough variation with this lot that there was really something for everyone on tap.
There was a tap change somewhere in here too as I remember Croft's Wolf Scratch coming and my enjoying a pint of it with some chicken wings to line my stomach before the next event..

Today at Newstead is the Red Jockey event with Red beers all day and BYO vinyl record's from 3:30pm but as for the Gypsy beers expect to see some more of them around town after Brewsvegas is over.

Holgate Mystery Beer Hunt @ Super WhatNot

This event was a treasure hunt of sorts, following clues and drinking our way through the Holgate core range of beers.

Our team (arguably the best team!) consisted of a solid chunk of Brisbane's beer blogging scene with myself, Darren from 250Beers, Jason from Brews & Bacon with Mrs Bacon, Nick from Chasing Ale, Dave from @BeerFoodBrisbane and our (not so) secret 7th team member (by association only, we aren't rule breakers!) AM from The Beer Drinkers Table.

We started at Super WhatNot and were given our first Holgate beer, first clue and first five cards with the idea being that the team with the best hand at the end of the evening would win.

First clue led us to Sonny's House of Blues at the former spot where Rosie's used to be for a glass of Holgate ESB and after some chit chat and figuring out what cards we had in our hand we headed off to the third destination, The Gresham.

The Gresham is a heritage listed bar and is home to coffee, scotch and a tight range of craft beer and as we read over our third clue we enjoyed a Holgate - Temptress chocolate porter.

Third and final clue led us to The Embassy for a Mt Macedon Pale Ale but after that we spent some time chatting and enjoying Feral's Imperial IPA Tusk which happened to still be on when we were there (good timing really!).

At this point we were able to work out our hand of cards and we came up with a hopefully unbeatable straight flush but after making our way back to Super WhatNot we found we did not win but that didn't matter because it was all a bit of fun with many silly photos taken and hash-tags used.

Overall a really fun and enjoyable event and hopefully we something similar next year.

We ended the night by moving to West End's BOSC to enjoy one too many Riverside - 777 Double IPA's which has resulted in a slow start for me today and subsequent skipping of any events I was going to attend today but that's ok as it has been an epic week and I'm happy with succeeding defeat at this point.

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