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Friday, April 10, 2015

Putia - Pure Food @ Banyo

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I love breakfast, possibly more than any other meal with my mind conjuring images of bacon, eggs, french toast, sausages and other delicious treats when I stop to think about it.

However I don't often venture out for breakfast and sometimes don't want breakfast at breakfast time! (brunch, brinner, I'm looking at you!)

So a cafe serving breakfast nearly all day (until 2:30pm) is pretty appealing to me and that's where Putia comes in!

Chef Dominique Rizzo and her team have created a lovely venue with a very large tree taking centre stage in the outdoor deck area and ample seating both inside and on the front sidewalk there always seems to be room for somewhere to sit even when busy.

The menu is a mix of breakfast classics like Bacon and Eggs and avocado toast but with some some more modern takes on breakfast like the pulled pork with fried eggs and pumpkin waffle with salted caramel.

The sweet spot for eating at Putia for me is anytime after 11am because you have both the breakfast and lunch menu's available too you which opens some nice extra options.

There is also a cabinet of sweet treats all made in house daily in case you want something extra or something to take away with cheese cakes, sweet potato cake with cream cheese frosting and other goodies being on offer.

From the few times we've been to Putia we've had nothing but a great experience, even when busy the friendly staff remain calm and answer any questions you have about the menu and have no problem with changes like leaving toast off or swapping to gluten free bread etc. 

We've liked it so much that we went twice in one weekend and brought some friends the second time with plans to go back again! It can be difficult to find a place that caters to everyone's dietary requirements and desires for what makes up a good meal but Putia seems to be very close to being able to do all that!

This is a strange thing but I also really enjoy the large coffee mugs, wide brimmed and easy to drink from although a bit heavy when totally full but the width of the mug makes for the best cappuccino with heaps of tasty chocolate on top!

On Friday and Saturday nights Putia is also open for dinner and you can have a beer or wine with your meals, I imagine the out door area looks very nice when all lit up.

If you live on the North side and are looking for a relatively well spaced out and comfortable venue to enjoy a tasty breakfast, a good coffee or even a quiet dinner on a Saturday night then Putia is for you.

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