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Thursday, December 24, 2015

First Impressions: Ze Pickle Brisbane @ Fortitude Valley

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Ze Pickle have been making waves on the Gold Coast for awhile now but I just never really had an opportunity to get down there but thankfully they have expanded to Brisbane so now it's way too easy!

Bringing similar stylings to the GC store with custom made metal work, light boxes and plenty dark wood with a deck extended all the way to the road this is a fairly impressive looking venue.

We were there early on a Sunday for lunch, from 12 but didn't order until after 1 and the entire time we had prompt and friendly service for drinks and when we did order food the place was almost full but we got our burgers in about 15 minutes which is pretty good!

The menu is all about the burgers and there is plenty of mouth watering options with some very different burgers like the 4:20am which is fried chicken in between two mac 'n' cheese waffles.

I went with the 3am which has a hand pressed wagyu patty, maple smoked bacon, fried cheese sticks, guacamole and ZP sauce. 

It came out looking impressive, especially after I cracked the cheese sticks open and they gushed all over the burger but there was a few things that weren't great. The patty didn't fill the bun which meant the first bite was bread and cheese stick and the guac for me didn't really make sense, I guess it's there because the crumb on the stick does dry it out a bit so you need some extra sauce but overall it was pretty tasty.
We also ordered a serve of wings and ZP fries for our table, both of which were spot on with the wings having a nice coating with a crunch and plenty of tang from the buffalo sauce.

The ZP fries are loaded with beer cheese sauce, maple bacon bits and ZP sauce and are really something you need to share but are delicious.

ZP also has a solid tap lineup with plenty of good spirits also but I was driving so I stuck to coke and a Reset Robot.

Overall it was a really good first visit and I wish I'd made it to the GC venue earlier to check the place out but as far as first experiences go this was pretty great, good food and good service and real easy to park close to on a Sunday.

I'll be back to try out another burger or two.

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