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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Brewed Nude 2016 - Calendar - on sale @ Brisbane Bars

As the saying goes, another Year, another Nude Calendar.. well ok that's not a saying however 2015 is drawing to a close and 2016 is just a hop, skip and a bees dick away.

The calendar launched this past Saturday (19th Dec) and cost a measly $20 clams from these 7 venues..

The Scratch Bar
Oxford Tap House
Tipplers Tap
Bloodhound Bar
Fitz + Potts
Saccharomyces Beer Cafe
The Wooly Mammoth

There was also Karma kegs (pay what you want) of beers donated by a few local breweries to help launch the event with the proceeds also going to the charity.

There is probably still some beer floating around from the event but there is definitely still a few calendars so why not give the gift of nakedness to your loved ones, scare your children or grand parents or just plain support our local community with proceeds from the calendar going to Micah Projects.

Micah supports our local community assisting with homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence, disability and discrimination which are some pretty important issues that should be supported!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday and you can expect more posts from me in 2016! 

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