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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getta Burger @ Carindale

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Mild mannered coffee shop by day, hunger fighting burger shop by night!

Well not exactly but Getta Burger does share That Coffee Joint's shop opening for burgers from Midday Saturday and Sunday and from 4:30 pm Wed, Thur and Friday.

The location is somewhat inconspicuous, right next to Carina Leagues just back from Carindale Westfield and nestled in a small "blink and you'll miss it" set of shops next to a laundromat.

Making use of the amazing barbecue that it's sister business and staple Brisbane food truck That BBQ Joint pumps out Getta Burger has something for everyone.

The range includes a pulled pork, bacon, cheese and fries monstrosity that is the Getta Pig Out to the Getta Boss with smoked brisket, cheese, jalapenos and bacon as well more traditional beef burgers like the Getta Burger or Getta Lot.

Getta Pig Out w/ double bacon

Getta Pulled Pork w/ bacon

I haven't tried any of the "normal" beef patty burgers because it is nearly impossible to pass up the amazingly tasty brisket and pulled pork not to mention the bacon which is probably some of the best bacon I've ever tasted.

That BBQ Sauce is what ties most of the burgers together and it really is a great sauce, not too sweet (like BBQ sauce tends to be) but with a good smokey flavour that compliments not drowns the meat.
Getta Boss

You can also ask for the burgers without a bun which is perfect for us as my girlfriend prefers not to have the bun however the bun is quite tasty, good size with sesame seeds, crisp outside and soft inside.

If it isn't obvious from the photos the portions are huge and extremely generous for the price which ranges from $10 to $14 for the bigger burgers.

The shop itself is quite small though so don't expect to eat there if it's smack bang in the lunch period and if it is during this time I'd suggest calling ahead and asking if there is a wait time as it can get busy.

There has been some mention of Getta expanding to another shop, hopefully on the Northside which would reduce my trips over the gateway for this amazing food.

If you are local to Carindale (or don't mind a drive) like burgers and haven't checked it out yet then I suggest you "Getta" to it.

Getta Pulled Pork with and without a bun, side of fries

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