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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

First Impressions: Chur Burger @ Fortitude Valley

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Chur is the newest kid on the burger block with a restaurant in Sydney and now one in old Brisbane town, on Constance street right next to Kerbside.

Not a bad little spot for a restaurant like this and I'm sure if you are a local or work in this area it will become your regular burger joint for awhile.

We went in for a quiet Wednesday lunch and were greeted by a friendly staff person who helped us order and confirmed that we were new to Chur.

The way you order is familiar, rock up read the menu, pick your burger, sides and drinks. The difference being you can have the beef your way with Medium Rare being the recommended level.

Chur is set out with an outdoor area with astro turf, some graffiti and some umbrellas which creates a nice relaxed vibe.

The indoor section is more restaurant-ish with a twist, everything is adorned with "Chur" and they have some neat seating with booths, low tables with big squared cushioned seats as well as high tables. There is also these cool stools that look like 2 buckets with a cushion inset into them.

Check out the gallery on their website and facebook page if you want to see some decor shots as there is plenty!

I had a beef burger with double meat and bacon which cost $16 which isn't bad and really I could have just added bacon to the standard beef burger and saved $4 (as the portions are generous) but being my first time I went all out.

The buns are all brioche which works alright for pulled pork but it really doesn't work for the beef, my bun disintegrated almost instantly and whilst the flavour of the beef was good I missed having a bun by about half way through and being the manly specimen that I am I refuse to use a knife and fork! (although you may have caught me drinking coke through a straw if you were watching)

The pickles though are incredible, nice long thin shreds of cucumber with a not too over powering brine take pickles to a new level.

The "chilli salt" chips were alright, fairly standard chips with a chilli salt but worked well with the burger.

My girlfriend enjoyed the pulled pork although from the little bit I tasted it had a very sweet BBQ sauce but she enjoyed it.

The drinks menu is alright, some craft beer (sponsored by MOA?) but almost entirely centered around lagers which is a bit disappointing as I'd have liked at least a pale ale but it is a minor thing with Kerbside next door and The Mill up the road.

I would expect with such great breweries in Brisbane that at least one tap could be local or some Newstead bottles or some such.

Overall not a bad visit to Chur and we will be back to try a couple more menu items.

Double beef, bacon, pickles and cheese

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