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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bun Mobile @ Bacchus Brewing

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The growth of the food truck industry (in Brisbane and all over Aus) is no secret and there is a handful of great ones that have appeared over the past few years, one of those is The Bun Mobile.

From the name you would expect either some sort of hamburger place or Chinese steam buns, fortunately Bun Mobile is something in between which is part of it's charm.

The buns are light and fluffy with the texture of a steamed bun with both traditional and Asian inspired fillings. The standard menu consists of wagyu, pork and chicken all paired with different pickles, shoots, greens and mushrooms however they also regularly do specials which are usually worth visiting for on their own.

The specials for Bacchus Brewing's launch were Pork Belly with lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrot and fresh herbs and chicken with oyster mushroom, lettuce, cucumber, fresh herbs and a chorizo crumb!

I totally love pork, especially belly but hands down the chicken was the standout today.

I don't totally remember exactly what the dessert special was but it was delicious with a thick, rich, chocolaty brownie texture and warm chocolate sauce.

I should mention if you are looking for gluten and or dairy free they will also try and accommodate with the bun being replaced by extra lettuce and most of the fillings not having dairy.

If you haven't tried Bun Mobile, track them down and give it a go! Decent portion sizes and good value at around $8-10 depending on the bun.

Please also check out my Bacchus post as all this delicious food paired great with their beers.

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