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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tippler's Tap

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Just waiting for awesome food!
My usual drinking buddies know that for me it doesn't get much better than Tippler's Tap as far as craft beer and food goes.

So after my 6th or 7th visit and obviously the new blog, I find it appropriate to do a post about my experiences.

It doesn't seem to matter what time of the day I am there (early lunch is always good though!) or how busy they are it is always a friendly atmosphere. As soon as you enter the door the kitchen staff usually say hello as you wind your way down the tight hallway into the main bar area where you are greeted this time by the bar staff.

Reuben, chips w/aioli & brisket sandwich
Tippler's marries American style cuisine with craft beer so well and this visit didn't disappoint. I have been slowly working my way through the menu, ordering something different each trip(beer battered chips are the exception!). This time I ordered the Reuben and and a Saison Dupont as my starter beverage.

The sandwich came out adorned with a rather huge (also phallic) looking pickle over the top. A Reuben should first and foremost be about the meat and this doesn't disappoint with a heap of awesome corned beef soaking in tasty dressing and lying between some delicious rye bread.
I found the best way to eat it was to have a bite of the sandwich then a bite of the pickle, which with the vinegar helps to draw even more flavour out of the beef.

I will definitely at some point have the Reuben again however there is so much variety at Tippler's that I have a ways to go until I'm done with the menu! They often have specials going on with every Tuesday being Taco night and Wednesday Night has Ribs that are braised in one of their off tap beers.

Tippler's has 10 taps (11 with the hand pump) that are rotated almost as soon as one keg empties which like the food offers variety by having so many different types of beer to choose from. For my second beer I went for Feral's most excellent (and one of my favourite beers) Hop Hog which is even better off tap than it is bottled and well worth trying it if you haven't before.
The amazing Hop Hog from Feral
All in all another excellent trip to Tippler's and I will no doubt be back again, if you haven't been and you love craft beer and great tasting but well priced american style cuisine then I suggest you make plans to go!

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