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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fifty Shades of Cutting Board!

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Ok, so maybe not 50 different menu items but the new addition to the George St side of old Brisbane-town known as The Cutting Board has been delivering some extremely delicious menu items since late Jan.

This 'lineup and go' style take-away shop is an interesting mix of fast food meets American style cuisine meets good old Aussie carvery with a dash of your local coffee shop thrown in!

Ham, Apple/Fennel Salad + Veg
This somewhat unique mix results in a mostly positive experience as you not only get some great food like the roast ham with a side of fennel and apple salad, you also get this quality food fairly quickly.

However it can be daunting especially in the busy period (12-1:30 pm) to decide what to order because there is such a huge variety of food to order and a couple of spots from which to order. With one side for sandwiches, salad and various pre-mades and the other side for hot food and ordering burgers, aswell as a side window for quick coffee orders.

Choices range from standard American style fare like pulled pork, brisket, burgers and great sandwiches like the Reuben to healthier or lighter food choices like salads, steamed veggies, lean green curries or pork and beef meatballs.

Meatballs, Greek Salad + Veg
These are just some of the choices for lunch, they also do a rather fantastic breakfast menu with cooked offerings (eg. bacon & eggs) as well as muffins, wraps and toasties to go with your favourite coffee!

I was lucky enough to be the first person to get one of their sandwiches which was made in front of me on opening day, the staff were elated to fill their first order from this menu!

Calamari + Aioli w/ Caesar Salad
There is however a few changes that I think could help improve things but they are minor ones. The pulled pork and brisket can be taken with gravy either on a roll or with 2 sides in a take-away container, now this is fine however if you don't have gravy the meat isn't that flavourful on it's own. I would like to see another option possibly some kind of barbecue sauce or being able to have one of the salads on your roll with the protein would be excellent and would not really need to impact in cost or any extra preparation.

I would also like to see the condiment station that has laid dormant since the opening begin to get used, having a choice of pickles or different sauces is never a bad thing in my mind! That said, I am sure that they will continue to grow and improve their menu as they have already began to do so in their first 2 months of operation.

Though in it's infancy Cutting Board is on it's way with great friendly service and very well prepared food, making it great addition to the slightly neglected (food wise) side of Brisbane CBD.
"New Yorker" Burger & Fries

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