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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Perception and Mass Produced "Craft" Beer

Perception, we deal with it in our lives constantly, whether at work or in our personal lives with perceived opinions from the way we dress, do our hair or the way our friends and family think we live our lives.

This is not something new to craft beer either, but it has been grating my cheese lately with a solid chunk of the community adopting this absolutely steadfast resolve that if it's marketed or in anyway produced by a big corporation than the beer most certainly is awful.

But is it? I mean if you just drank something, not knowing where it came from, enjoyed it and were then told that it's owned by a giant global corporation do you then run to your fridge or recycling bin and destroy any remaining evidence that you consumed this product? Generally, no you wouldn't because who gives a shit? Right?

Well it seems that some people actually act like this, oh god, that's owned by Coke? fuck its awful I'm never drinking it again.. Wait, you just said 10 minutes ago it was good? YEAH but that was before I knew Coke were involved, god it's so bad...

Strong logic there buddy.

What in the actual fuck? Am I joking from the above? hell no, I've witnessed this behavior several times in the last couple of months, replace Coke with what ever mega-corp you want but the circumstances are the same.

If your best mates insult you because you drink beer from James Squire, Yenda, Matilda Bay or some other large Australian "Craft" brewery then you have to question "are these really my mates?" not "are you kidding?, that beers made by so and so?" because the reality is if you enjoyed a beer regardless of who it's made by and you'd drink it again then just do it.

If you happen to be fairly new to craft beer and your learned friends are insulting your choices, they are dicks. Not a single person that drinks the latest Double IPA Black Imperial Yolo Barleywine started on that because they'd have fucking spat it out if they did.

The point is that as your palate develops you may leave this type of beer behind or you might revisit it every now and then, this is the evolution of enjoying more and more unique beers and should not be seen as a negative as for the most part it is where a vast majority of craft drinkers started.

I personally drank my way through way hundreds of European beers from every lager and pilsner under the sun to Belgian Tripel's and Quads before Australian staples like Cooper's pale and sparkling and beers from James Squire.

It's all part of the journey, the company that created the beer should matter less than whether you enjoyed it. If your enjoyment is changed by finding out who made the beer then I suggest before you buy it, you go and google it so you can save us all the trouble of reading your bullshit crying about where the beer has come from because in reality if you cared so much you'd be doing this in the first place.

TLDR, If you liked it, just drink it.

*This post may or not be sponsored by Coca Cola Amatil, especially the Coke Life product which is amaze-balls. *This comment may or may not be a load of shit.

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