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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bloodhound Bar @ Fortitude Valley

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With the ever growing amount of new craft beer bars and kitchens popping up around Brisbane you might be struggling to keep up and wondering just what sets one apart from another?
Well with Bloodhound Bar its rather simple, ample taps of good Australian beer and a rather unique menu of rather authentic and well priced South American Food, so how can you go wrong?

The decor is is as you'd expect with exposed brick, high tables, bar seating and a series of booths in the back area for larger groups and it is all tied together with some wicked looking chalk murals.

I've now visited Bloodhound two Saturday's in a row for lunch and it's difficult to fault with such a tasty menu and a daily lunch special (currently) of 3 taco's for $15.

So far I've tried the Taco Del Perro (Braised beef cheek), Taco Envenenado (Chorizo), Chicharron (Fried pork - so tasty!) and the Tequenos De Queso (Haloumi filled Wonton pastry) and whilst it may be hard to pronounce for a QLD born, generic white guy like me it is all super delicious.
The Fried wonton pastry stuffed with Haloumi is amazing and worth a visit for it's own, stringy, gooey cheese oozing out everywhere with the crispy wonton making a crunchy pocket to stuff to the avocado salsa into.

The Chicharron (fried pork) is also up there with it's fried porky goodness and for a tiny bit of balance (like you want it with fried pork) just squeeze a lime wedge over the top!

The taco's themselves are all pretty good too although I am yet to try the Pork taco or the fish one and the second time we had the beef it was slightly inconsistent with an astringent herb dressing on top that was rather bitter and unpleasant but the meat has been delicious both times.

That said the chorizo taco with re-fried beans and jalapenos is my favourite and I've had it enough now to know that I'd easily enjoy 3 of them without trying the others. Skinless chorizo fried in a lump and folded into a taco with re-fried beans and jalapenos? Yes please! and chuck in some avocado or salsa and it's doesn't get any better.

Why haven't you talked about the beer though?  Well it's a pretty good range of beer with 10 taps as well as bottles and wine, cider and some cocktails on offer.

It is a mostly Australian tap affair but a few imported beers (NZ, USA) have popped up since the launch just over 2 weeks ago and this isn't a bad thing as Australia is producing so many good beers now you can almost drink local and national and leave imported beers alone at the moment.

You can get pot, schooner or pint and the prices seem a little high especially for pints of Australian beer but it's only by a dollar or so and it's not the only bar in Brisbane that seems to be increasing prices so this is probably a change we will more of as 2015 rolls on.

If you haven't been to Bloodhound and you are reading this I hope I've done enough to convince or at least make you crave the amazing food on offer here because it's totally refreshing to me as a cuisine style (for Brisbane) and delicious to boot.

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