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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brewsvegas 2015 - March 21-29

It'sssssssssss timeeeeeee (read this in your best UFC announcer voice) for the second ever Brewsvegas, a glorious celebration beer and food from Brisbane, greater Queensland and Australia in general with a host of super awesome events over a week.

Last year with my blog in it's infancy I only ended up attending one event and whilst I did write a post about it I was rather unhappy that I hadn't gone out and experienced more events because really if you can't drink beer, make friends and be happy during a beer festival when can you?

So this year I'm going to attempt to do the polar opposite of 2014 and attend as many events as I can with an aim of 1 per day with a blog post each night/next morning depending on the level of alcohol consumed ;)

If you've been on the fence about trying some craft beer, beer matched with food or food made with beer now is the time to do it and support some amazing local business and breweries in this fine town.

The launch party will kick things off at 5pm on the 21st of March at the Wandering Cooks in Fish Lane in West End with beer, food trucks and music taking centre stage so come and kick off the festivities even if beer isn't your thing normally!

So head on over to the Brewsvegas website and plan your events or head over to Brisbane Beer and check out the awesome interactive map for Brewsvegas which has all events, what they are and where they are in a nice layout.

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