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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Impressions: Burgers Up @ Springfield

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Living on the Northside I don't often venture far beyond the CBD but when I heard about Burgers Up I knew at some point I had to try it! Being on holiday seemed like the perfect time to drop in for a visit and seeing some family in Springfield was an extra excuse!

With a full range of burgers in both chicken and beef as well as something for the kids this homestyle burger shop really gives you a lot of choice for a very affordable price.

You can add extra meat, extra cheese, egg, pineapple, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, extra sauces and a bevvy of other stuff  which means you can make a different burger every time you visit if you want which is awesome.

The only thing (which I find odd) is that they don't have pickles on the menu which for me really makes a burger, however there is enough optional extras that you can add something to make up for that like jalapenos or pineapple and I'll admit with mustard on there I didn't miss the pickles as much.

Prices range from $4.90 for a standard beef burger up to to $10.90 for the epic Three's a Crowd and for extras they range from 40c for lettuce upto $2.90 for an extra beef patty which just makes it even more worth a visit as the pricing is so competitive!

I got the Three's a Crowd which comes with Double Beef, Double Cheese and Double Bacon but for some reason I thought it was a good idea to add pineapple, beetroot, cooked onion and an egg and mustard.

It was a great idea but it made the burger so big I couldn't eat it easily even with two hands, but I got through it! Next time though I won't add much to it.

The beef was as moist and tasty as I expected but the stand out was the bacon, its locally sourced and smoked and is quite thick cut for a burger which just makes it tastier!

I'm not sure how something like this would hold up as take away as the juice was just flowing out of it and the buns are quite soft, but if you can sit down and eat it quickly they are great burgers. (probably wouldn't be as juicy if you didn't have so much on it either!)

The Criss Cut fries? Omg, what a great invention...

These beauties were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and sitting somewhere between a potato skin and a french fry, delicious and worth the extra to get them over normal fries.

Overall I was happy with the experience and if we are out at Springfield again I will probably use it as an excuse to return, if you live near there and haven't gone then I suggest you do.

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  1. Thanks for your awesome review of our burgers! We also wanted to let you know that we do actually offer pickles (a recent addition) but as we were running low that day, the pickles sign wasn't on display. Sorry! You'll have to try the Three's A Crowd with pickles next time :) Cheers!